About Me

A small-town newspaper editor by day, I spend way too much of my free time at secondhand stores and garage sales, where I have amassed an impressive (to me) amalgamation of mostly useless but utterly delightful oddities. Among my favorite things to collect: wooden boxes, old holiday decorations, vintage jewelry (especially lockets), Gurley candles, ironstone dishes, suitcases from bygone times, thrift store paintings, miniature log cabins, worn books and Wisconsin-y things.

In addition to collecting, I often attempt (and sometimes succeed in) making things. I do a little furniture refinishing, stenciling, general crafting and sewing. (I made the Gryffindor scarf pictured here.) I also have a mild obsession with creating vignettes and styling bookshelves.    

In my previous life, I was a reporter, photographer and page designer, and along the way, I wrote a few short plays. Blogging allows me to scratch the perpetual itch to write, edit and create, and, best of all, it gives me the opportunity to share my love of vintage baubles, good design and bad puns.