Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cabin Fever

I have a small collection of little log cabins. Or a little collection of small log cabins.

Two of the buildings are incense burners, and the third is a Christmas ornament. They're not particularly old or valuable, which makes them very easy to find and collect.

I see cabins like these at thrift stores all the time, but I was able to resist the temptation to own one until last fall. In a weak moment, I gave in and bought one. And then another. And before I knew it, I had three.

miniature log cabin

Of course, three of anything is a collection and all but begs to be displayed together, preferably under glass. The closest thing I had to a glass museum case was this tabletop greenhouse.

The greenhouse's frame had been stained a delightful (and by "delightful" I mean "hideous") orange color when I bought it years ago. A few months back, I finally decided to paint it white. Unfortunately midway through the painting process I realized that I couldn't get at the inside of the frame where it pressed up against the glass (and by "glass" I mean "clear plastic"). So now the greenhouse is white on the outside and orange on the inside. Sigh.

To create a miniature forest inside the orange/white greenhouse, I stacked some styrofoam pieces on the bottom, varying the height of the "terrain." Then I added the cabins and some trees...

... and blanketed the landscape with faux snow.

winter diorama

After the blizzard, I went hunting for my stash of miniature deer.


I love them all, but I decided I'd have to cull the herd a bit ...

Because some were too Christmas-y:

Others were too tall:

These guys were just wrong:

I almost used these two:

miniature deer

But I liked this little group a bit more:

I burrowed the chosen ones down into the snowdrifts.

miniature log cabins

miniature cabins

And then I stepped back to admire the scene.

miniature cabins

Here's an aerial view:

miniature cabins

I decided the cabins needed a little Terry Redlinesque glow inside them at night, so I added some battery-operated tea lights.

winter scene diorama

Ahh. Much better.

miniature deer and cabin

I have a feeling that this is a collection that will continue to grow.