Monday, March 30, 2015

I Have A Small Problem

I have a somewhat crazy fascination/borderline obsession with unusually small things: Model trains, doll houses, hotel soap bars, single-serving boxes of cereal that look EXACTLY like the full-size box (just smaller), puppies, pencil sharpeners shaped like Lilliputian typewriters or cameras, travel-size bottles of shampoo, those little paper umbrellas that bartenders put in your pina coladas. The list goes on...

spring decor

The full-size versions do nothing for me (except for grown-up puppies, of course).

But when something is shrunk down to a tiny percentage of its full-size self, I can't get enough of it. Case in point: miniature sprinkler cans.


I find them at thrift stores all the time, and I have to say, in my book, they are the best thing since miniature sliced bread.

I think my favorites are the galvanized cans..

spring decor

... but I like the painted ones, too.

This one was just a plain white can when I bought it:

sprinkler can collection

 I decoupaged the bee (crookedly) onto it.

sprinkler can collection

(Even with a crooked bee on it, it's still worth every penny I paid for it.)

The one below isn't really a sprinkler can, but it's close enough.

watering can collection

When I pulled my little collection out of storage this spring, I decided to display them with some vintage seed packets. Unfortunately, I didn't own any vintage seed packets...

... so I made some. I found an old box of invitation envelopes that were about the right height, and I figured if I cut them in half, they'd be about the right width too.

Once the envelopes were cut in half, I slid one side inside the other...

...and trimmed off the flaps on the back.

The Graphics Fairy provided some fabulous old-time vegetable images that I added my own verbiage to in Photoshop Elements.

I trimmed the images to fit and folded them in thirds around the envelopes.

Then I just had to run a few beads of glue along the seams and voila: five (almost) vintage seed packets:

Another small project done.

sprinkler can collection