Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shadow Box Stars

sewn paper stars
This little white shadow box of mine gets a new look every few months or so.
For the summer, I thought I'd go with a patriotic theme and stitch up a few stars to display in it.
I prefer my stars to be a little on the wonky side. I found a template here and printed it out.
I traced the templates onto newspaper...
 cut the stars out....
... and then stitched them into pairs like I was sewing a pillow together...
...except that I wasn't going to turn the seam to the inside with these.
I left one small section of each star unstitched so I could stuff some shredded paper in to give the stars a little dimension.
I sewed seven stars altogether (but in the end, I only had room for five in the shadow box).
I used a seam ripper to separate the two layers and to push the paper down into the points.
 Once the stuffing was done...
... I sewed the last section closed.
Next, I dug a piece of black scrapbook paper out of my stash.
The backer board for the shadow box is Styrofoam, so I attached the paper with a few old brads that I just pushed into the foam.
Then I pulled out my thrift store sign letters to see what kind of patriotic phrase I could spell out. (These are all the letters I have, so it's a challenge to make complete words, let alone phrases.)
paper stars
In the end, I decided to use "e pluribus unum," because what's more all-American than ancient Latin? I used a big popsicle stick as a straight edge to line the letters up on, then attached them with rubber cement.
paper stars
I also used rubber cement to attach the center of each star onto the back of the shadow box. Then I pushed small brads in at each of the points.
e pluribus unum
And there you have it: my Wonky, Neutral Patriotic Shadow Box.

(If you want to see what the shadow box looked like in the winter, I blogged about it here.)

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